A unemployment cheque offered by the Britsh Government; AKA, a Giro Cheque.
Mark Renton lives off giro cheques.
by Super Trouper December 12, 2003
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Transfer of funds from one bank to another
The Babyshambles Song "Kill A Man For His Giro Today"
by Pigmy_goat October 31, 2005
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Oi <person> don't be giro, get me a drink

awww man that a giro car *points at lada*
by John Byrne May 9, 2005
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Sex toy in the shape of a penis which vibrates
Jen just got a new giro
by dundoniandood September 10, 2009
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ATTENTION: Approach anyone with this name with caution!

Just the name spells disaster..
If there is some one at an uw yeh parrrrty, thats giving you the shits and you would just want to pour a drink on..its most probably a Giro.

G'Day,yep hi name is Giro and i'm a Giropkick.

A Giro is also someone with a bad hair cut, usually with hair styled to one side.
by frankoooou March 20, 2008
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The means by which the unemployed in Britain are paid. It is a cheque which can be cashed rather like a postal order but is payable to the addressee only.
Giro day is the day a dosser gets his/her cheque (drugs day). The giro is a great source of contention as a doley
(the unemployed are said to be "on the dole" hence they are doleys) may get a giro but owe all of it to their debtors and then have to duck and dive and seek others from whom they can borrow drugs money. Usually it is other doleys they owe money to and therefore giro day is a day when you have to be up early and out the house with your cheque before the others come and try to get you to pay what you owe.
doley 1)
Alright our kid? did you remember you owe us some of yer giro?
Yeah sorry mate it was supposed to be giro day but it didnt come can I pay you next time, oh wow is that a line of whizz - gizza go.
1) awwww fuckin ell eh its giro day tomorrow!
2) Ohhhh yeah thats right it is, and errrr you owe me tenner for them pills from it !

by president mugabe April 4, 2008
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The day when your unemployment cheque comes through the post.
Wake up, it's giro day! What time does the offie open?
by annon123 August 28, 2006
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