Wonderful dogs who are calm and gentle. they are always caring and looking after you. They find joy in almost everything you ask them to do. Bred to race on tracks and chase bunny rabbits are not the only thing they excel at, being a retired racer they find a new life with coaches and big fluffy beds. These dogs are wonderful inside dogs but not so much meant for the outsider or off leashing kind. Greyhounds make great lap dogs. They don't bark much so they are great for apartments or big backyards. Get a greyhound that is right for you at Greyhound Pets Of Amarica Charlston.com and see for your self.
Cause of Greyhounds loving and kind personalities they will always support you in everything
by My older brother. December 30, 2016
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For people unable to afford quicker and more efficient methods of transportation.

A wonderful way to see the worst parts of many cities across the country.
We rode a greyhound bus because we are too poor for a plane.
by defff March 21, 2011
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to go mental on the bus and take somebody's head off on the Canadian prairies.
Did you hear about that poor guy getting greyhounded in Manitoba the other day?
by JohnReid August 1, 2008
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Best pets every! there lazy and dont move most of the time... but will get up every one and awhile to greet you
Greyhounds = 45 mile an hour couch potatoes!
by Raqii May 5, 2009
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A breed of dog that is capable of reaching up too 45 mph. Used in the racing industry and for hare coarsing. Second most abused breed next to the pitbull. Also Greyhounds are very lazy.
"Dude my Greyhound just shot offf after some rabbits"
by Finnerty September 8, 2009
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Very short skirt, only an inch from the *hare*.
Nick: Check the hottie in the greyhound
Sammy: OMG! I can see her pubes!
by Samick Downunder August 8, 2005
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A special mode of transportation of asorted goods and persons. Involving large vehicles claimed to be 'busses' which are secretly cheaply created allein space-crafts bringing the opeouts to the masses.
The Greyhound was going klassy until the head defense earth defense site, Tomah, Wisconsin was entered.
by Godly One June 22, 2005
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