The college preparatory school is a school for rich white kids and transgenders that got bullied in middle school. The teachers there are extremely bitchy and don't deserve their very high paycheck. It is astonishing this school is ranked when it is one of the shittiest schools on the planet. It is often shortened to CPS which stands for can't play sports or cock pussy shit.
Nerd: I go to a very prestigious school, it's called The College Preparatory School, I got in because I have money and I met a teacher at a strip club.
by Shatter123 January 29, 2016
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Pathways college preparatory school is a ghetto ass school full of ghetto ass kids .. always somebody arguing, usually somebody weave on the staircase, a messy ass cafeteria with shitty staff who don't do shit but get made fun of 😂..
Person 1: Bro what school you going too ??
Person 2: Shiii i think im going to pathways college preparatory school..🤦🏿 ♂️
by Pathwaysgossipnigga. April 2, 2023
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A school located in So-Cal, full of a bunch of swell people who will one day make a lot of money or else end up as fry cooks in Mcdonald's.
Oh, you go to Xavier College Preparatory High School (Palm Desert)?

Yeah, why.

(alkward silence)

Just askin'
by JoeSmithnotachick May 27, 2011
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