A Southern California neighborhood (varrio) located in the (Inland Empire)
A ese let's go to Bryn Mawr to pick up some drugs
by --luda-- January 13, 2022
The ultimate in all female education in Baltimore, MD. A school where you may be paying for a single sex education but actually spend all of your time at Gilman's boys school across the street. Your teachers will test you harder than most college professors and you will pay more every year for the torture. A school built on a tradition of excellence through academics, athletics, and friendship. Notre Dame Prep thinks that they have the market on spring school wide gym event gatherings but one stop at Bryn Mawr on the 1st Saturday in May will tell you that our tradition is a century old and getting stronger as it ages. With their well connected and prosperous alumnae (who don't need to attach themselves to husbands because they are smart enough to make their own money), gorgeous hotties enrolled at the school and amazing achievments recognized nationwide one thing is for certain; Many will imitate but NONE can duplicate the best.

PS: Did we mention that we are eloquent too?
Known as BMS
biggest rival: Roland Park Country School
mascot: the Mawrtian
by jterpgirl99 May 5, 2005
Prestigious women's collge located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. A member of the venerated "Seven Sisters," the women's college answer to the Ivy League.

Notable alumna include Katherine Hepburn and Marianne Moore.
My cousin went to Bryn Mawr...now she's the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
by Abby September 23, 2004
A town generally known for either the rich, BMW-owning, Haverford Boys School attending assholes that live in houses at least three times the size of a normal one, or the middle-class want-to-be ganstas who spend most nights hitting up wawa or getting wasted at Polo park.
On the average Saturday night, you can find a small conglomerate of the future members of AA sitting around and on the jungle gym, talking about how much they hate Havertown and then climbing into the car, soon to get their third or fourth DUI.
My pants can fit a family of 4, my shirt is big enough to get lost in, and even though I've had a great education at Coopertown I spell "boys" like "boyz." Thats right, I'm from Bryn Mawr.
by James St. James November 12, 2006
by May 20, 2022
A camp located in honesdale, PA. An actual haven. A place where anyone can go and be themselves and have the best time with their best friends. As soon as you step off the Avery bus onto main campus, every camper realizes they are once again home and dread the day they will have to stand at the lake letting there flowers go. You make memories to last a lifetime with your friends and you always know everyone’s got your back. To the giving tree and the velveteen lake Bryn mawr likes to keep their traditions. Lake Bryn Mawr Camp would never be the same without cabin row, SING, bills never ending BUT FIRSTS, nit one pearls, olympics ,greylock socials, spirit chains and shaking your bootie in the dining hall. Everyone at lake Bryn mawr will becomes like your family and you wouldn’t trade the bonds you have with them for the world. At Bryn mawr you live in the colors green and gold and you can’t even think about a day again where you won’t have to wear uniform. This camp introduces you to your sisters, and you treasure every moment you spend there. There truly is no other place like Lake Bryn Mawr Camp.

“Oh how lucky we are to have a place so special that makes saying goodbye so hard”
What camp do you go to?

BRYN MAWR CAMP the best camp ever.
by BESTCAMPEVERLBMC August 20, 2019