Its origin has NOTHING to do with Seinfeld.
Used in the old west to spur the horses. From get ye up or get thee up.
(directed at a horse) Giddy up! Move on! Go faster!
(horse runs of a cliffside)
by Fried Ham March 9, 2016
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the new "you betcha", "let's go", "i'm in", et. al.
Guy 1: You ready to go to the game?
Guy 2: Giddy Up!
by red October 28, 2003
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upon introduction to a new idea or plan, this phrase is used.
emily: "let's go a new party."
bobby: "giddy up"
by emily July 24, 2003
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When your just on your way, not just a travel destination but just anywhere.
When something is just going your way!
by Foug March 29, 2003
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Substitute for "Okay, let's do it!"
by Genku July 29, 2003
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in the show "Seinfeld", the character Kramer uses this word repeated. It means lets go/ready to go.
Bill: do u wanna go to the movies?
Mike: giddy up
by Rock N Roll Bitch November 12, 2005
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