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When a man gets an erection and doesn't know why.
Sorry teach I can't stand up I was just Ghost Raped
by cogglesnatch January 31, 2017
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1. Being raped by a ghost.

2. Non-consentual intimate contact with a ghost.
"I was just lying there naked, with my ass in the air and I think I got ghost raped. I wonder can ectoplasm carry any sexually transmitted diseases..."
by nipplerection1 December 10, 2011
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something screamed when one person is in a Ghost in Halo, this word triggers all other players who can hear into an attack mode towards the ghost rider.
Jimmy:sweet I'll hop in the ghost and get tons of cheep kills.
Me: oh shit...GHOST RAPE!!!
Everyone: PEW PEW take that Jimmy
Jimmy: aww man, foiled again.
by Magnum Bear April 26, 2008
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1. An act of carnal knowledge without the woman's consent, always involving some sort of spirit or apparition.

2. A band created at Lowell High School. Labeled as a death metal hardcore orchestral gangsta group, they incorporate the use of such instruments as violin and the sound of shrieking into their music.
1. Did you hear? She's a victim of ghost rape.

2. Dude, I'm totally going to audition for a place in Ghost Rape.
by Ghost Rapist December 12, 2006
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When a ghost or spirit touches you in the lower back, calf, or buttocks andyou feel goosebumps in these areas.
A ghost just touched you, you had ghost rape.
by Titaniumtori November 19, 2010
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