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Odd and elusive substance that is reported to be totally repulsive. It is a seemingly lifelike substance, solid or vaporous in nature, that allegedly exudes from the body of the medium and can be transformed into materialized limbs, faces and even the entire bodies of spirits. Ectoplasm often appears to be milky white in color and smells like ozone.
It was weird as fuck, ectoplasm went out of my mouth and transformed itself in the image of a spirit. Woah!
by malacai September 06, 2004
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1. Junkie slang for their favourite type of narcotic.
2. A term referring to a spectre's excrement.

Used frequently by William Burroughs, metaphorically, in his heroine and penis chasing adventures.
"Palpating him with fingers of rotten ectoplasm."
by Alexander Superslim October 09, 2017
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