When two people like eachother and they both have intentions of dating so they get with someone
by Tom herry March 31, 2019
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going out with someone or pulling someone, can be with same or other sex.
I totally got with this guy at the socail and now i really want to get with someone diffrent.
by QueenDino August 11, 2011
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pertaining to a certain Happy Tree Friend, it means to violently attack and defeat someone.
I don't want to be present when he's getting Flippy on someone.
by Happy Noodle Blacker August 22, 2006
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To cause them to go into a blinding, seething, often-homicidal rage. See also: Infuriate.
Get someone's Irish up: "This mother-fucker is gonna get my Irish up if he doesn't get out of my way!"
by voodooKobra July 7, 2007
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communicatng or attempting to reach out to a person
getting back into someones life is similair to apologizing
by didicostine October 8, 2018
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