The lazy ability to wander aimlessly for an extended period of time, void of purpose, drive or shame. Happy in the comfort that he can carefully avoid work without fear of retribution.
Fuck sake you lazy twat , stop doing a Gerry!!!
I can't believe Gerry set that hose pipe up 3 hours ago and still hasn't washed a car.
anyone know where Gerry the wanderer has gone the lazy twat he has gone to do a Gerry
Gerry has gone to drop a car a mile away but he will stretch it out all day.
by blueyonderpink February 10, 2022
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Someone whose family has changed their surname so they can claim to be of wealthy & certain ethnic background when they are not, as in she is actually british. The original surname the one given above.

Almost prewrites her remarks & advice, which she regurgitates almost reflexively in appointments & meetings, time & time again.

Likes to macerate the self-esteem of her cases, who she asks a certain campbell, "Is he cute!!?". campbell only being too happy to hand them over to her as a gleeful offering. When the case is transferred to another team, cannot help but to follow the new team & incessantly insist of her emasculating opinion of the case, making sure the kid remains emasculated, as if sons she never got to neuter herself. The sons-to-be ought to be glad no to be born of her.

To add insult to injury, is the one to cover up her many mistakes in the office; deflects faults to other people; projects that I am the one to prewrite every single word that I utter (bitter I have comparable mastery of her language, herself proud of it by vancouver standards, the hapless immigrant that I am); given an ambiguous elevated position in the center for her "interesting" b.s. opinions -- of little to no psychiatric basis, posturing for it nonetheless; & then, tells everybody & to herself she is this "compassionate" (her own wording) person in her never-ending attempt at subtle self-compliments of an actual very average life.

"A piece of work", someone once close puts her lightly.
Ex 1:

How could I not know you're not brutish (british)?
You're a sherry gerry.

Ex 2:

Don't ask san franciscans (de-capped) to come to a place to advice how to build a metropolitan, they got things all screwed-up. They'll say have a Hastings Street to have a place for drug users, just because & next thing you know, the social workers are all sherry gerrys!
by mrdabbleswithpotion January 19, 2022
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