1. The archetype of a dumbass, American conservative Christian who won't shut up about gay marriage, birth control, creationism, hypocrisy, etc.
2. Arguably one of the stupidest presidents in history.
3. Someone who believes religion is what should determine politics.
4. A very horrible speaker who wins the minority vote.
5. Someone who indirectly instigates terrorists to crash planes into skyscrapers, and starts pointless wars, flipping a dystopia out of the frying pan and into the fire.
1. George W. Bush is fucking stupid.
2. Historians frequently rate George W. Bush as one of the worst presidents in history.
3. That guy is a George W. Bush or a Jerry Falwell.
4. George W. Bush lied to the people when he unfairly beat Al Gore.
5. George W. Bush is really shitty at protecting our country.
by FuckGDub June 10, 2010
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to refuse to pull out, especially during sex. This word is a reference to president George W. Bush's unwillingness to pull out of the War on Iraq.
Brady:So how was the sex with that fine bitch last night?
DeVane:Well, it was good for me, but she said I might as well call it quits for the night, but i said hell no, and I George W. Bushed that bitch!
Brady: Damn, if I ever see a pussy in real life, maybe I'll be able to do try that!
by Brad Les July 10, 2008
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One of America's worst Presidents. For a really good Example of this president get onto youtube.com and search "Family Guy Bush" and look for some versions they have or people made. That will easily explain how Bush is.
A day in the life of George W. Bush.....

Kneel's on second base of stairs and pushes slinky down...Damn!...picks up slinky tries again pushes.... yells LAURA!LAURA LAURA!!!! as slinky goes down steps. lol.
by BigMan1990 September 16, 2007
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A retarded president who had threatened world peace and american economy so bad that he might as well bomb every other country while hes at it.
George W. Bush: wow I fuked up the ecunumonimies so bad I mite as well newclular bomb every other cuntry.
by Markambush April 27, 2008
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President of the United States of America.

also known for being a dumb fuck nigger who sucks his moms pussy at night, but thats the diffrent george bush
by radjabov January 05, 2007
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