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Generally known as an abbreviation for "Oh My God."

According to asathecomic, OMG stands for "Olfonzo The Mexican Gladiator."
Don't make me get all OMG on this bitch.
by ravenshaw1 June 2, 2009
Republican. 43rd President of the United States. His Term was from Jan 01, 2001- Jan 20, 2009.

Preceded by Bill Clinton. Succeeded by Barrack Obama.

Considered to be one of the worst Presidents for his faults while in office.

25% during the economic crisis in his second term

Sent troops to Iraq in search of WMDs when there were none.

Known to have won the second term by accusing the opponent, Democrat, John Kerry, of being a liberal who will increase taxes and not the best for the war on terrorism.

Won his second term by a 2.5% margin, lower than Woodrow Wilson's 3.1% margin.
George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States.
by ravenshaw1 June 3, 2009
The phrase that became increasingly popular when Conan O'Brien had to choose between switching shows or leaving NBC. The phrase originated from Tom Hanks from one of Conan's episode.
You hear about the whole NBC/Conan O' Brien?

Yup, I'm with Coco.
by ravenshaw1 April 30, 2010