1. To whine
2. To Bitch
3. Also see "protesting" -A debate strategy commonly used by Ridgeview and Bakersfield High schools
4. The only lesson jv members at the aforementioned schools learn about
5. Protesting Manuals are equivalent to evidence at these schools.
"OMG! Their case is so good! How are we going to beat it?"-Student #1

"Don't worry, Mr. Herrer gave us a protesting manual before the round. We don't need to think!"- Student #2
by tommywiththehair December 17, 2011
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When a society reaches a certain point in economic wealth and status where its citizens have nothing better to do then disapprove or object something not of there own business.
Susie across the road apparently has her lawn mowed at 1.5 inches instead of 1.7 inches. CARL GATHER THE NEIGHBOURS AND MAKE SIGHNS THAT DONT MAKE ANY SENSE, WE MUST PROTEST! (This is not meant to offend anyone just my humble opinion).
by YeeterMeatBeater October 9, 2018
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1. To whine and bitch about something
2. Then participate in it fully anyway
I'm protesting this stupid game because it costs too much to play!
But look at me, I'm in the top 10 with my protest on!
by **pseudonym** March 23, 2017
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Walking around in public and drinking a Pepsi.
Hey, did you see Ethan at that protest the other day?

Yeah, he gave me a free Pepsi!
by kc01_8 April 10, 2017
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To steal from wall-mart and burn down McDonald’s cause a cop shot a guy
My mans got sho let’s go protest.
by Jazzman99 October 31, 2020
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A mosh pit for people who care about important issues.
Steve: Hey, did you go to that protest?

Joe: Yeah man, it was intense.
by fredautonom April 14, 2015
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An event that takes place when a large group of people are mad because of something.
Sara: Hey Karen, what are you going to protest for?

by furri.boi June 3, 2020
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