Short, menacing and an infectious person. If you see them, it is already too late...
My friend todd was infected by the Genever... he will never be the same again

Genever attacks once again.
by Rasabee September 21, 2023
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Genevive is for some of the BEST people on earth! She is incredibly beautiful, funny, cute,smart, sweet, artistic, and loves nature! She is a great friend, she always listens to her friends no matter how stupid their stories are and tries to help them and always there for them. She is willing to do anything for the people she loves. She is also very artistic, and is great at painting, drawing, etc. Also did I mention she is HILARIOUS. Whenever someone is with a Genevive they can't stop laughing to the point where they can't breathe! She is super weird in the best way possible! And definitely should not be ashamed of that! Also, all the boys/girls love her and fall in love with her one of a kind personality. People are always in awe of her, because she accomplishes so much. GENEVIVE CAN DO ANYTHING! She is an amazing person but doesn't realize it. If you are a Genevive, remember how GORGEOUS AND AWESOME you are! People are so blessed to know your wonderful self! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Genevive is the BEST PERSON EVER!!!!!!!!!
by bootymcswagger August 3, 2019
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Genevive is a smart and caring girl. It looks like she’s got everything under control but she needs some reassurance to know that everything’s okay. She also gets pissed when her name gets autocorrected to “Genevieve”. She has nicknames like “Gen” or “Genny” since people are too lazy to say her actual name.
“Hey Genevive can I copy your homework?”
by gennehh September 20, 2018
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1.a girl with an upbeat personality, very punctual, priceless

2. A watch made in Switzerland, usually $889.00 - $2,427.00
14k gold and a rare beauty
.Elijah- "Hey did u see that girl over there?"
Nathan-" Yeah she's totally a Geneve"

Elijah- " I wish I had 1"


Claire- "OMG Check out that guy's watch!"

Amanda- " Yeah he's got a real Geneve there"
by sparkel_n_shine June 21, 2009
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My cute little sister. She's a snitch. A goth and annoying as hell. But i love her
"Who's That?"
"Oh That's Genevive Fimpel"
by Hufflepuffgirl2112 January 3, 2021
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When a simple furry pretends to be one with the gamer bois, to try and figure out the secret plans of the properties. A girl who is normally very red headed, something like leo's new girlfriend, sophie. She is normally into foods such as afterbirth on toast, and often gets turd munchies.
my golly, steve, you have the turd muncie's? i never saw you as a ginger genevive.
by gaisndbsksvdh December 11, 2018
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