Genny is a super generous person who would do anything for her family. She is a great mother and a best friend to many. She lends a hand to her family when ever she can and her kids mean the world to her.
If you need a friend, you need a Genny.
by moonblosm February 2, 2010
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a girl who you will fall in love with. She is absolutely beautiful, but is so much more than just that. Genny is perfect in every possible way. She will make you laugh and make you happier than anyone can. The funniest person you could meet. Genny has incredible taste in music. She is everything you could ever wish for.
Person 1: Dayuuum, that girl is hot.
Person 2: Mmmmmmmm.
Person 3: Oh, that's Genny. Isn't she perfect?
Person 4: She's so hot. Can we be friends?
Person 5: She's so0o0oo hot. Can we be more than more than more than more than more than friends? (;
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A most beautiful woman who is charming and witty. Who is stubborn but with passion and determination. A woman who brings sunshine into every room she enters. This woman is the most loving, loyal and trustworthy, anyone would be honored to have her acquaintance. She is honest in every stroke of her being. Her intelligence and innovation have yet to be surpassed.
Genny is a best friend, a sister, a daughter, a love I never want out of my life.
by But This is my real name February 3, 2010
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The correct way to spell "Jenny"
It's spelled with a G: "Genny!"
by LearCale March 25, 2011
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Genny has been through hard times and will cry at night when no one is around but the very next morning she’ll put a smile on her face. She always tells people she’s fine when she really isn’t. There might be some days when she doesn’t want to be alive anymore because she either lost someone she loves or it’s school work. She tries really hard at school but it’s to much for her especially when she has a lot of problems. But she’s a strong, loyal, caring, and beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. She’ll take your breath away. She’s been liking this boy for a very long time now and she’s afraid of losing him. She’s also afraid of losing her close friends. Genny is also a popular but not that popular like a lot of people know her and she knows them like she has millions of friends from different grades and schools but she only has 5-4 close friends. She hangs around with a lot of guys but this one boy caught her attention. Her friends tell her that he’s prolly a cheater and he’ll play with your heart but genny looks at him differently. She looks at him as a very funny and sweet. If you ever meet a genny keep her she’s one of a kind.
“Is that genny

“Yea that’s genny”

“Damn she’s fine. I want her to myself”

“I’ll get her before you”

“Nah man I will”

“I don’t think she likes white boys like you. She likes light skins like me”

“Nah man you tripping. She prolly give me a chance”
by Luv y’all December 14, 2019
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She is a big gae who calls u and ur mum gae. A.K.A. Barney
by Senpai_Black November 15, 2019
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