A subject forced upon sixth formers in the UK, just when they think they have a bit of freedom on the subjects they can choose after compulsory education.

This particular A level subject can be thought as being 'Dinner party conversation Studies', and you'd be spending your time more wisely if you were designing and producing a machine that automatically kicks the back of your seat.

There is no chance of escaping general studies in the first year of sixth form, as Mr Wilson insists that it is his 'passion'. However, Universities have no regard for Mr Wilson's 'passion', and they will not consider a General Studies grade to make you any more acceptable.

Possibly the only advantage to General Studies is that the exam provides some valuable time to catch up on some sleep. I took a nap in my exam and left the exam hall feeling refreshed and ready to continue my day. I got a U, but this is a minor drawback.
David: Aww piss, I really needed to finish that Physics homework before next lesson, but I have General Studies. What do you propose I do?

Miles: Well I've got fire on the brain, so I guess you could do a bit of burning fuel in the classroom, in the hope that it will raze the building?

David: A little extreme, but as I brought seven litres of kerosene in today, it'd be shame to waste it.
by ActiasLuna March 2, 2009
Most 16-18 year olds in the UK are forced to take this subject, but it isn't recognized by a lot of universities due to its incredible easiness (from personal experience, it is possible to get 93% without attending a single class, revising or even knowing what the exam is about). Serves to crush the confidence of students everywhere as they learn how to:

Read newspapers
Find the areas of surfaces
Form social opinions
Re-enforce work done two years ago for subjects which hold no interest

Also a nice source of income for examining boards.
1. "I wanted to go to my Further Maths lesson but I need to do some fucking General Studies speaking competition."

2. "Dude, she's easier than General Studies"
by cjr October 27, 2005
Stupid pointless suck-fest. Sucks so bad it could suck start a land rover.
Dude, im not gonna bother with General studies today, it sucks too much.
by David November 12, 2004
A load of crap learnt in sixth form colleges. covering religon, art, literature, science and maths
by Graham October 20, 2003