A fuel commonly used in lamps and heaters, derived and refined from petroleum.
Cary poured some kerosene into the heater and warmed the charming whorehouse.
by JiggaJim March 25, 2003
A person who goes out and gets very drunk and returns only to play online computer games and annoy everyone with spam
Uh oh, it's getting late, we might get Kerosened
by Foztrot April 5, 2004
Kerosene is fuel. Red bull is fuel. Kerosene is red bull.
by dolanders May 17, 2019
A shock video of a young boy burning a live baby

Baby cam footage of a 7-10 year old boy walking into a babies room with a small bottle. The boy proceeds to pour the liquid (likely lighter fluid) from the bottle all over the baby. He then uses a lighter and lights the poor thing on fire. Then he steps back and the video ends after 2-ish more seconds. All of this while "Ave Maria" is playing.

I remember watching this bullshit when I was like 12 and I cant find it since. If you do find it DONT WATCH IT!
Jesse: hey remember the kerosene kid?

Walter: why the fuck did you bring that back to my memory. after remembering that I wish I was the baby.

by Definitionary October 21, 2022
to dream of commiting suicide
girl: i had a kerosene dream last night
guy: ur not going to kill yourself are you?
by loserfish October 2, 2006
Peta Certified World's Most Handpump Gaaye..
Real Swayam Sevak ✊💦 and a Gau Purush 🐮
"Na-Pati-Anjali" Gau Cola Tycoon.
Boy : oooo i wish I could be Vin kerosene
by Ram Rajian June 19, 2021
A male with similar traits to a Sigma male, however is made entirely of dead shrubs and other flammable foliage. They lay their spawn by squatting onto a tree and laying a large embryo, out of which hundreds of grape-sized Kerosene Males will emerge after a couple weeks. Kerosene Males like to frolic in dusty meadows and overrun small towns, slaughtering innocent adults and children without mercy. When they pass away, Kerosene Males stand calmly in place and wait until they become a leafy, yellow and rotting monument of their existence.
“A Kerosene Male emerged from the forest and devoured my newborn son this morning, I suppose this might be a problem”
by Chicago Male October 1, 2022