Trigender based genderfluid is where you feel 3 genders at once, and they can fluctuate like genderfluid people. People who identify as this usually go by non-binary because it is really hard to correct people of your pronouns every time. They feel either all 3 of the genders at once, or 2 of the genders at once, or 1 gender at once, and it changes. Very fluid.
I'm trigender based genderfluid!

BRUH they're trigender based genderfluid! Get it right!
by Pitohui April 17, 2019
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Chaotic-evil. No other insult can top this one. Every time someone says this, the person they say it to has a 1000000% chance of going to hell. No way around it.
Matt: ur mum gai
Brandon: your dad lesbian
Matt: dont make me fucking say it
Brandon: do it pussy
Matt: your aunt/uncle genderfluid
Brandon: *engulfed by flames. Satan himself rises out of a nearby sewer and takes him.*
by uwunoahfence March 13, 2018
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1: The stuff that comes out my dick

2: A term used by mentally ill people who don't understand how basic biology works.
"I came in the shower and sprayed my genderfluid everywhere."

"I'm not mentally ill, I'm genderfluid!" - a mentally ill person.
by Based_NlGGER1488 October 08, 2021
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The absolute be all end all roast. No man is able to recover from it, sometimes it even hurts more than one person at a time.
Dude1:your mom gay
Dude2:your dad lesbian
Dude1your grandpap a trap
Dude2:oh yeah, your gerbil genderfluid

Dude1: *melts
by MyGerbilisntGay March 14, 2018
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