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A sweet, kind, beautiful, caring girl usually hispanic and will always care about their significant other. Gema’s are very cool people who you shouldn’t lose and should be honored to be in a relationship with.
Dude 1: Dude I wish I was dating a Gema like you dude

Dude 2: I know dude I’m so lucky
by Kazuto_06 February 09, 2019
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greatness, the swizzle for frizzle, harry potter fanatic,loves music,magic,and men with pretty faces,light skin, dark hair, colored eyes
damn you see that girl? yeah she's a {Gema}...god damn thats a big fat ass!
by the big aristotle June 16, 2008
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Gema A Gema is a person who likes awkward moments and sick jokes, who will laugh like a maniac at someone falling over, including themselves. A person who looks dork-chic, wears things like big glasses, childrens plastic jewelery and check shirts.
"hey who's that girl over there wearing a lego boat as a bracelet" "oh the girl wearing the big glasses with no lenses, thats a Gema" "oh she's a Gema, the way she laughed at that fat kid walking into the parked car should have given it away"
by Magpire October 28, 2009
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A smart,funny girl that could get swept of her feet by the wrong guy. A bit nerdy but in a cute way. Loves her friends to death and enjoys fall evenings. Works hard in school but sometimes gets distracted. Can melt anybody with her big innocent eyes.
She reminds me of a Gema; always in "love" and giving her puppy eyes to get her way.

OMG, I hate how Gema's are cute without trying !
by TheTrueTristian November 28, 2016
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A beautiful, strong person. She’s usually the one who has friends outside of her actual school. She hates school, but still gets good grades and all the guys are falling for her. She has a lot of guys who are just waiting to be fucked by her. She’s the one to get pregnant first out of everyone. She turns into the hulk when people bother her friends. She’s sassy and dramatic asf. But she’s still cute, and one of the best people to be in a realitionship with.
Damn, is that, Gema. She’s looking fine asf today.
by December 18, 2017
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A type of map in the free first-person shooter AssaultCube which is set out like a course for players to try and reach the end. Players do not kill each other in this kind of map, and any that do usually get 'kicked' (temporarily banned) from the game server.
by Marsiblu January 04, 2011
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Proper noun
1.The round yellow blob from the manga/anime Di Gi Charat.
2.The word Gema adds to most of his sentences.
"That thing is Gema."-Digiko
"...Some things are just hopeles... (gema)."-Gema
by thehamman November 24, 2004
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