"Yo J-Dawg, Im'll be goin to your frizzle and gettin some bizzle, dizzle!"
by Jaspo February 23, 2004
a bastardization of "free" Snoop Dizzog can be thanked for this new trend of urban talk.
I get all of that food fo' frizzle?!? That tizzy off the hizzy fo sheezzy!!
by viper April 28, 2003
another slang refference to methamphetamine, or 'frizzle', comes from being on the frizzle to long, therefore become frizzled.
oi bro, hook us up with another burn of the frizzle.
by badmaz April 30, 2006
The forecast calls for fog with a chance of frizzle.
by OlyWAhoo January 23, 2010
a person acting like an especially dumb baby
by faraday9 September 23, 2020
An emission of gas that goes through the turd and out the anus.
Did you hear that frizzle? I'm glad I had my legs closed.
by Shinobi Shaw January 11, 2005
cold; freezing; frozen. a bastardization of freezing
its too frizzle, yo!
by annon. January 26, 2004