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A way to use the word gay as an insult without causing the world to explode.
Hey did you get the new iPad.
No that’s gei Android is better
by Ad0tyaM3m3s January 01, 2019
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It refers to something, or someone, stupid, off topic or immoral. This word is a derivate from the word "gay", not offending homosexuals.
I'm so gei! I got an F on Math quiz.
by alan65 April 08, 2009
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A GEI person is a Generally Excellent Individual. This is derived from the Japanese word gei, which means talent - most frequently heard in the phrase "tokubetsuna gei", which is a unique social party/parlor trick.
*Kyle makes a clever joke which utilizes a pun, but makes himself look like a fool*
Erik: Kyle, you are G.E.I. ya' gei bastard.
by Hydracloricacid January 27, 2011
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The Bulgarian and Russian word for gay.
Quote from Bulgarian Song: "Hei gei ko stava s teb, eto nekrolog s tvoya portret"
Translation: "Hey, gay what's happen with you, there is a obituary with your picture"
by N4F December 06, 2007
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The Japanese word for art. Every geisha, geiko, maiko, or taikomochi has one or more gei. (Note: the word gei, is not pluralized, because it is of Japanese origin. Japanese words have no plural form.)
I am going to the Inoue School to study my gei, mai dance.
by Mimosa 'Mineko Iwasaki' January 08, 2007
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Something that is weird or preculliar.
Adam, don't go watch that movie,it was Gei.
by Ger ace October 13, 2018
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