Geech is the plural word for Gooch, which is the area between your anus and scrotum.
"Oh man, look at the flock of geech!"
"Man, you have two geech."
by Sasquanch October 21, 2006
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We gotta geech cuz we's gots' deez mommies waitin at da cut.
by the dylio May 13, 2010
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My crush wants to hang this weekend... GEECH!”
by Faneto_B April 7, 2019
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A wanna be; an old person tryin to act cool
Yo, yo yo, I'm a geech from Carolina Beach!
by D-Money April 9, 2003
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"You look geeched! Are your eyes even open?"
by Teeny5990 August 11, 2007
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A type of language spoken in the lower part of the state of South Carolina. Crazy Talk.
by Jimmy Tube April 9, 2010
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considered a fine art by many, Geeching involves the tickling of a Gooch from behind by a Geecher.
Ah, that Dan is well good at Geeching, did you see him just Geech Tom's Gooch?!
by Danbo May 4, 2007
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