Putting something on your dead friend kind of like saying "on my momma"
"They was just up at the club shooting"
"Dead homies"
by deadhomies July 28, 2017
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This phrase connotes to, “on my mother” . Other examples include. “On me”
“On the mob” “I put that on my life” or what children used in the 2000s that was over exertingly corny “on my cousins grave” . A form of expression of being serious.
“She finna get her shit knocked. Dead homies.”

“Dead homies we up in this.”
“Girl dead homies he a full entree.”
by Golden.miel September 19, 2018
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When they say on my dead homie they ain't playin around things just got serious. Except if they dont have a homie who is dead they capin.
Person 1: did you steal my jordans

Person 2 who has a dead homie: hell nah
Person 1: I ain't playin did u steal them
Person 2: on my dead homie I didnt steal em
Person 1:ight ight just making sure
by Wasupmeboi335 January 7, 2021
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If A Nigga Say “On My Dead Homie” That nigga is lying Please don’t believe that nigga
On My Dead Homie Ian Cheat on Ha Or On My Dead Homie I’ll Boom Yu
by Na Bandss March 26, 2023
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Psychopathic Records artist. While trying to make a drug deal Blaze was shot 3 times in the chest and once in the temple which killed him. He was brought back to life 11 years afterwards by the Dark Lotus family. He can be seen wearing a shot up clock and a bloody face.
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by RPninja December 1, 2004
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