1. A simultaneous feeling of confusion and fussiness.
2. Confusion or a lack of understanding regarding a subject that causes fussiness.
When we have a lot to do on the weekend or in the evening, my girlfriend often gets confussed.
by gabef September 5, 2007
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adjective. (kon-fuss'd) to be in a state of confusion and agitation.
But you said she was your cousin but she was dead and now you say she is looking after your mother's cat. Now you want me to visit her, I've lost my car keys and I don't know where she lives! I'm confussed!
by PaulQ July 13, 2011
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A cross between 'confusion' and 'concussion'.

A confussion is when somebody, confused to the point of insanity/a breakdown, abruptly drops into a coma-like state. (Or simply gives up in frustration, and refuses to speak or move.)
Beth got a confussion over her English coursework.
by The Devil-Lady October 15, 2009
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adj. similar to confusing, except it emphasizes the associated stress that is involved. If something is confussing, it has a lot of fuss to deal with, thus something is in fact confussing.
damnit women are confussing i'll never understand them. yes, very fussing.
by niggman star33 October 25, 2011
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Being confused to the point of being fussy about the issue.

"But I don't know, ummphff, why cant I get this? Waaaaa!"

"Don't get all confussed about it!"
by Word Burglar April 29, 2009
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Adverb: to be so confused you have forgotten what you were originally confused about.
Ex: A: "I hit a lil snag."
B: "I don't know how much modeling is gonna pay. What happened?"
A: "I'm not really sure wait"
B: "mm"
A: "I'm confussed"
by SenorLoco May 26, 2021
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A Troll.
One whom gets irate when they are wrong.
Confussed a typo of confused. Is it spelt or spelled wrong.

Its A mystical to me.
by Yes I am Wrong. August 13, 2010
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