13 definitions by Wyatt b quiet

A bent penis, usually in a 180 degree curve so that its owner pisses on himself.Also useful for climbing mountains and raping girls from behind.Also, someone with terrible posture.
That climber dude in Utah had to cut off his arm. If he were blessed with a grock, he would have been able to save himself.
by Wyatt b quiet November 22, 2003
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An amazing NEW metal band, not a nu metal band fronted by Chad Gray, the only new rock vocalist who acts like a rock vocalist should: Fucked in the head . They used to wear kickass makeup but they got rid of it do to the Slipknot (BOOO!!!!) comparisons. Their sound is all about frenzied, insane-sounding vocals with some crazyass bass lines and distorted guitars.
Mudvayne is the shit and Chad Gray belongs in a looney bin.
by Wyatt b quiet November 24, 2003
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A kickass band from Cleveland that sounds nothing like Slipknot even though they wear masks. Slipknot ripped off Mushroomhead's live act, but Mushroomhead is clearly the better band. Mudvayne is better than Slipknot too.
I went to the Mushroomhead concert in NYC and kicked the shit out of this fucktard in the moshpit.
by Wyatt b quiet November 24, 2003
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I gotta take an R. Kelly on my little cousin.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
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San-Franciscan for vagina.
San-Franciscans love buttsex.
by Wyatt b quiet December 4, 2003
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A fat chink. Usually named Ran Zhang.
Ran's a fuckin chunk!
by Wyatt b quiet October 16, 2003
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My Grandma, my cousins who fuck each other, and my 13 year old cousin with a 15 year old son.
by Wyatt b quiet November 13, 2003
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