Riding in the trunk of someone's car due to lack of room.
Erika's tiniest, she gets to ride dead hooker.
by mei0023 April 7, 2005
Well duh, simply a hooker who is dead.
Woah whats that smell, you guys I think there's a dead hooker under the bed.
by bubbz August 22, 2005
Golden Tee Arcade Game-because dudes at the bar group around the thing staring at it like it's a fucking dead hooker.
...boyfriend-less at the bar again...another man lost to the Dead Hooker...
by skyyris December 30, 2005
The amount of space occupied by a dead hooker, typically used to measure the size of a car's trunk. The actual volume of a Dead Hooker Unit has been disputed, since hookers come in different sizes. Most parties agree that a DHU is the average volume occupied by a dead hooker, but that there is not a definite conversion from DHU to liters.
A Ford Taurus only has a 3.1 Dead Hooker Unit trunk. What are we going to do with the fourth dead hooker?
by BrockLi August 24, 2006
Two dead hookers wash up on the shore and the cops find out the hookers have more crabs than the shore.
by Big Daddy Akram January 10, 2018
Trunk capacity of any car measured in dead hookers. Hookers must be whole and not chopped up and bagged
This Chevy Maibu has lots of trunk room, at least a 3 dead hooker capacity!
by Bigdadytid March 16, 2018