“Gazebos” is a term from the movie “IT” of 2017 when one of the characters by the name of Eddie misplaced the original word “placebos”. Placebos actually means a treatment with no therapeutic effect, and he referenced it while he was arguing with his mother. He basically meant that the pills he was taking were pointless and did not help his state of health whatsoever.
“They’re gazebos... they’re bullshit!!” as said by Eddie in the movie “IT”
by salted.lemons October 11, 2017
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Bullshit! This word was used in IT ( 2017 ) it's said by Eddie!
Eddie: it's gazebos!!! ITS BULLSHIT!!
by horror movies September 12, 2017
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Bullshit used in (IT 2017) said by the character Eddie
You know what these are there gazebos they Bullshit!”
by The Glich youtube December 31, 2019
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I got totally gazeboed at George's party and ended up with this properly rough bird.
by Tommy2tink December 22, 2008
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A Southern California based exclusive gentlemen's society known for heavy, intense, and sometimes downright violent consumption of hoppy substances. Their name is derived from an old, worn, wooden gazebo in which the members would carry out their rituals every weekend or in some cases nightly.

Today, membership is based on loyalty, virility, and dedication to finishing the large amount of alcohol purchased for the evening.

The Gazebo is often compared to a fraternity, but the obvious difference is in the volume of beer consumed by The Gazebo's memebrs, which by fraternity standards, dwarfs any frat's numbers.
Once I was invited to a party at The Gazebo. It was fun, but when about 8-10 of their members took on 200+ beers within the 2 hours I was there, my silky, tropical scented panties slipped off my luscious willing ass.
by SidewalkPuncher87 July 25, 2009
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