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“Gazebos” is a term from the movie “IT” of 2017 when one of the characters by the name of Eddie misplaced the original word “placebos”. Placebos actually means a treatment with no therapeutic effect, and he referenced it while he was arguing with his mother. He basically meant that the pills he was taking were pointless and did not help his state of health whatsoever.
“They’re gazebos... they’re bullshit!!” as said by Eddie in the movie “IT”
by salted.lemons October 11, 2017
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When someone takes a photo of something and unintentionally includes their toes/feet meaning that the toes are photobombing.
Richard took a picture of his cute dog but his friend toetobombed the photo, taking away from the cuteness.
by salted.lemons July 21, 2018
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