Any neighborhood with a high concentration of same-sex oriented individuals
Rex and his friends met for dinner at an outdoor cafe in the gayborhood, where they rated from 1-to-10 couples of men holding hands.
by Brett West August 9, 2006
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N. A neighborhood containing homes, clubs, bars, restaurants, and other places of business and entertainment that cater to homosexuals.
"They've opened up a new club in the Gayborhood called the Male Box."
by Mia Shields January 5, 2006
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A neighborhood with primarily homosexual residents.
Nobody is going to clubs there because they're remodeling to build up a gayborhood.
by Craftshaft1974 July 15, 2015
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an app for finding Gay-Friendly and Gay Owned businesses in the United States
Hey, I found this bar on Gayborhood.
by PaulRB June 10, 2015
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A place were gay folk reside specifically in Philadelphia, PA running from Chestnut to Lombard Streets between 9th to 13th Streets.
The best head servers are definitely found in the gayborhood.

They really ride you hard on the antique prices in the gayborhood.
by tparente June 28, 2006
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area with primairly gay residents
Belmont Shores is the gayborhood in L.A.

Where do you live? In the gayborhood near Long Beach State.
by Moxie Rich February 22, 2012
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A gay neighborhood, where rimmers take full activity.
Watch your back if you come across the gayborhood.
Rupaul is from the gayborhooood.
by JOHNNAY April 22, 2003
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