a famous drag queen. and if you want to see him out of drag go see "but i'm a cheerleader" which is a very funny movie about a bunch of breeders who want to turn a bunch of gay teens into breeders
did you see rupaul last night, he was fabulous.
by dykeycait October 24, 2003
One who enjoys dressing up as the opposite sex.
Hey have you seen Jennifer's dad without a dress on? Me neither!
by GB April 3, 2003
What working people use to refer as the day dragging on and on and on.
Joe : Man, this day is taking forever!

Kevin : Its definately Rupauling.
by K-Rocc May 31, 2013
Drag queen extraordinaire, a beautiful man
Yes! Make sweet love to the camera! Do the Rupaul! Perfect! Beautiful!
by Luna Love March 9, 2010
A legendary drag queen who actually uses their real name in drag. She was the host of the RuPaul show back in the 90’s and now has two reality series running know as RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars
Omg I am so excited to see RuPaul in the new all star season
by Claire Paliv Edwards January 2, 2018