The offsping of a homosexual couple.
"Wow look at the cute little gaybies in the stroller with those two kissing dudes."
by A-ron the Barbarian March 13, 2008
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Young children adopted by, born to, or raised by a same sex couple.

Singular: Gaby
Lucy: "Are you going to Mark and Eric's on Sunday?"

Sean: "Are you kidding? Of course! Gaybies always have the coolest birthday parties"
by ChiChiMcGee January 5, 2011
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1. Homosexual flying insects (alternative spelling: Gaybees)

2. Homosexually born infants

3. A form of rabies contracted from gay bee stings or gay baby bites

(singular)- Gayby

4. The greatest laboratory sport ever invented
Person 1: "You up for some gaybies?!"

Person 2: "If you're talking about small children, i'm not really into that kind of shit... but if its the sport then HELL YEAH!"
by ARedd August 25, 2011
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Contrary to popular belief this is not a baby of a gay couple. It is the disease resulting from being bitten by a homosexual dog (often a Chihuahua). The infected are overwhelmed with a desire to suck cock, irrational fear of water, and a taste for Beggin' Strips.
"Dave was a lot cooler before the Gaybies"

Women are impervious to Gaybies due to their inherent desires to suck cock and irrational fears
by Mindhead13 November 6, 2010
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An infant you can just tell is going to be a homosexual. "flambuoyant"
That little boy says mama with a lisp, so you know its one of those gaybies.
by Bob Tomkins December 14, 2008
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the child of a gay couple. plain and simple.
"Have you had the chance to see Dan & Terry's gaybie? He is absolutely fabulous and cute as a button!"
by RachelLea February 11, 2008
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