the child of a gay couple. plain and simple.
"Have you had the chance to see Dan & Terry's gaybie? He is absolutely fabulous and cute as a button!"
by RachelLea February 11, 2008
when two gay men or women have a child.
Look at John and Marks brand new bouncing "gaybie".
by Jaxhulk October 15, 2008
Someone who is new to being gay, and hasn't been gay that long.
He is a total gaybie, he still doesn't know if he's a 'top' or a 'bottom'.
by Gus Anderson January 19, 2015
A person who has recently come out and/or (someone who) doesn't have much experience or knowledge in the lgbtqia+ community.

Also sometimes referred to as a young gay person.
Chad went on his first date with a guy last night, he's a gaybie.
by CherryDisco90 August 7, 2021
OMG he's tiny, he's totally a gaybie !!
by jayveeNYC November 23, 2010
A person who is a smol bean as well as a homosexual/other member of the lgbtqia+ community.

generally used by fangirls.
Stranger things fangirl/guy: OMG Will Byers is such a gaybie!!!
by QAswdefrtgyhujiuygtfrdes November 2, 2020
As he was devouring my friend's brains, the zombie gave me a sultry look. I think it may have been a gaybie
by Jeremy Cutler May 5, 2006