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Possibly the dumbest insult of all time, it can easily be countered by ‘no u’ but people still say it despite the fact that is has become obsolete
Dumbass: ur mum gay!
Normal and functioning person: no u
by It is in my ass September 26, 2018
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literally every kid on xbox when they lose.
If you say this you're probably a spoiled British (because of the mum) brat between the ages of 9-12.
Extremely talented player: *Kills kid*
Kid in the chat and private messages: ur mum gay.
by Oven-Mitt March 12, 2021
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"ur mum gay",is a phrase we're a new player in ROBLOX says,in a game called Auto Rap Battles .ROBLOX is a "Kid Friendly" game.We're you can play lots of games like jailbreak.Jailbreak is a game in ROBLOX. Mostly,famous youtuber or people who uses "ALT" accounts usually use this phrase in ROBLOX to troll,for not getting banned in there main accounts.If you see avatars who has a "bacon hair" on there head (the item is called "pal hair") and bam you know what there doing.
Bacon: ...ur mum gay.
by GmodRain07 May 17, 2018
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Probably one of the most hurtful insults that can cross your tongue. Used only in extreme circumstances to completely obliterate the other person.
Person 1: “I just stole your memes.”
Person 2: “well ur mum gay.”
Person 1: *dies*
by UrMumGay123456789 January 14, 2022
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a derogatory term, used by british americans to insult varying peple with mums
initial phrase: ur mum gay bro
response: no ur mum gay
by ur mum gay 2111111111111111 December 28, 2018
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Ur mum gay is the dankest shit of shit
Steve: Ur mum gay
Ur mum: No U
by uyughhhjhkjhjhkjhjk March 10, 2018
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An insult which is the worst insult in the world, beating Ur Dad is Gay!

It is usually used by really immature 12 year olds being bored at lunch.
"Hey you, Ur Mum is Gay!"
by Your_Nash December 8, 2020
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