Crem is a religion founded on the power of the Crem and the all-knowingness of the aforementioned, Crem. It has the power to save you and destroy you at the same time and that decision is made based on the power of Cremliness in you. The Crem is all knowing and shall be all powerful forever and always.
Guy 1= Dude are you a Christian?

Guy 2= No I worship the all knowing and all seeing power of the Crem.

Guy 1= Woah man that's so much better I'm going to do that.

Yet another proud follower of the all powerful Crem.
by Epicloa January 01, 2011
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An unknown tagger that goes by his undergroun' tag, which is Crem.
Unknown Stranger: Did you see that? Crem was tagged all over those freights man!!
Another Unknown Stranger: That's fuckin' sweet!!
by Crem November 09, 2004
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