A homo action to be considered gay or to be considered a faggot
if I get fucked from a girl with a strap on , am I a bundle of sticks
by theCARS7879 April 9, 2015
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1. A variation of faggot or fag, referring to a male homosexual; derived from the literal definition for faggot (used almost exclusively by males, of any orientation).
2. A person or thing otherwise characterized as a fag(got) for unpopularity, regardless of sexual orientation.
See also homo, fairy, etc.
A: Is he wearing leather pants?
B: What a bundle of sticks.
by levi January 5, 2004
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When you are on a social media site like fb and you can't write faggot.
That stupid bundle of sticks tried to make a pass at me so I knocked him out
by KrotchLife February 1, 2022
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A reference to, or substitution for the term Facsism.

Another term could be bundle-of-sticksism
Do you support the bundle of sticks movement?

Don’t say the F-word. Just say bundle of sticks instead.
by steakismeat December 5, 2019
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The possible lesser known term for "Fag"
"Shut up you skinny bundle of sticks!"
by E.M.V.J.J October 11, 2017
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