When something is really gay looking like a gay post, meme, song.
Favourite thing of {LGBT+} community to say when going through their daily routine of gay.
Person 1: What are you doing?
Person 2: {Looking at gay shit}
*Person 1 and Person 2 high fives*
by TomboyGurlZ April 2, 2019
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A term used instantly after saying that gay shit to cover your back
Tim: I would suck her dads dick just to get a taste of the recipe

Mike: WTF??
Tim: No gay shit tho
Mike: Oh ok
by poonsabi January 17, 2018
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An act or a comment by a person that has queer tendencies, but is not necessarily performed by a homosexual.
Person 1: I enjoy this visa checkcard commercial, its pretty funny.
Person 2: Gay Shit!
by Taxtrip December 2, 2006
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Something us Homosexuals need after being around ignorant straight people all day
“Hey are you doing all right?”
“No, I really need some of that gay shit once I get home. I visited the hallways of my middle school from last year.”
by BimRallen February 16, 2018
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Tommy:You mum gay
Me:Your mum on some gay shit
Tommy:no u
Me:*kills Tommy*
by e diffs fg March 6, 2018
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What all of us homosexuals need after a long day of hanging around Straight people
Hey what you doing this afternoon (straight person asks)
Doing that gay shit

(dancing to Lady Gaga with rainbow flags)
by The gay queen April 5, 2018
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