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Tara Ried and Paris Hilton are totally nany.
by Carrie February 25, 2005
Candy Shop (in 50 Cent Terms) is NOT:

1. A bedroom
2. A Wh*r* House
3. A place with attractive people

It IS:

50 cents pants "Ill take you to the candy shop, Ill let you lick the lollipop"

You can imagine wut the lollipop is

Its a terrible song and I cant believe I ever liked it because its all about havin sex, like every other rap song there is, and im sick of guys talkin bout gurls like were their play thangs.
Guy: "Heyy wanna go to the Candy Shop with me??"

Gurl with class: "*smack*"
by Carrie August 10, 2005
rocker from the late 80's/early 90's, who fronted one of the most controversal rock&roll bands, guns n' roses.
is known best for his ego & disrespect for fans.
by Carrie October 2, 2003
1. Used to describe something that is 'hot'; NOT Paris Hilton 'hot' juss haute; used by people who said the phrase before Paris Hilton banned anyone else saying it.
A friend: "How's this top look with this micromini?"

You: "Thats haute."
by Carrie August 21, 2005
Grinding movement, sometimes with only minimal clothing on. Can be anything from making out up to sex (but usually not including). More common in chicago/midwest.
We were juicing in his car last night.
by Carrie January 17, 2004
Something I mean with all of my heart...even when I'm going through PMS
JB: Would you please stop being such a bitch
Me: But baby, I love you!!

Justin, I love you
by Carrie July 6, 2004
A very pretty kitty who comes in every colour so long as its black. Also likes to be called Woo or Woozel. Has A sister called (ye old) too
by Carrie September 3, 2004