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Cool. Cod looks kind of like a really scrunched word cool.
Those new pants Emily has are really cod.
by Carrie August 06, 2004
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Candy Shop (in 50 Cent Terms) is NOT:

1. A bedroom
2. A Wh*r* House
3. A place with attractive people

It IS:

50 cents pants "Ill take you to the candy shop, Ill let you lick the lollipop"

You can imagine wut the lollipop is

Its a terrible song and I cant believe I ever liked it because its all about havin sex, like every other rap song there is, and im sick of guys talkin bout gurls like were their play thangs.
Guy: "Heyy wanna go to the Candy Shop with me??"

Gurl with class: "*smack*"
by Carrie August 09, 2005
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1. orgasm during phone sex

2. cum in someone's ear.

from the words aural and orgasm.
He had an aurgasm while she listened on the phone.
by Carrie June 07, 2004
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rocker from the late 80's/early 90's, who fronted one of the most controversal rock&roll bands, guns n' roses.
is known best for his ego & disrespect for fans.
by Carrie October 02, 2003
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