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Bigger than the big gay and gay. If someone is mega gay they suck balls literally.
Jerry:Hey bro let kiss
Jim: Nah you're mega gay
Jerry: Suck my balls
Jim: That's mega gay too
by Murderhutfortnite July 12, 2018
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The ultimate notion of gayness. Not necessarily homosexual, the pinnacle of displeasure to a certain idea. A certain Idea or object that is the epitomy of gayness. Usually an Adjective.
Brother: Tucker, it has appeared that your dog Robbie has taken a shit on your pillow.
Tucker: That's Mega Gay!
Teacher: I'll need your research paper on the Wombat Fetus by tommorow, class!
Student: Ugh...Mega Gay.
by Mike Litori August 09, 2009
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There is no return from this violation.
Being called Mega Gay is equal to finding out your own sister was featured on bratty sis
These people who are Mega Gay, bend there penis Into there own assholes and then fuck themselves.
'Matthew' Dayum Andrew is one hell of a coonster

'Andrew' Shut up Mega Gay
*Matthew turns into ashes as his grandmother proceeds to smoke them*
by BigThickMotoCurryHouse May 01, 2019
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