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Typically a liberal aka "libtard" who is for the globalist agenda/regressive left, and strongly opposeses any government related conspiracies.

Origin: Some chemtrails release a chemical that alters the sex/hormones of organisms this has been especially prevalent in amphibians turning frogs homosexual. The government puts these chemicals in are water supply to lower are testosterone and make us more feminine and compliant. Ultimately making us not care anymore and more likely to question are horrible government.
Alex: hey libtard! You're a gay frog!

Bill: how so? You mean like a gay fish?

Alex: no stupid! You're for a world in which your God Hillary is "president" and don't believe in chemtrails and other awful government atrocities!

Bill: oh shit! I suppose I am a gay frog...
by 7ibbz January 16, 2017
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A gay frog is a frog attracted to men. If you encounter one eat it’s toes
Bob: look a gay frog
Gay Frog:*sexual rippit*
Bob has died
by Hello human July 23, 2018
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