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ima be honest with you, im kinda retarded
mom ima be honsest with you, i think im knida alex jones
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by fleebless April 18, 2019
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A fat and bigoted know-nothing who has wet dreams about raising his own white nationalist version of the Vietcong to take over the U.S. Believes blacks and Jews are plotting to take over the world. Paradoxically calls himself a patriot while threatening the U.S. military. Frequently jerks off to pictures he drew himself depicting the Founding Fathers having sex with top members of the Nazi regime whilst wearing a three corner hat. Occasionally seen sucking cock.
"You see that interview Piers Morgan had with Alex Jones? What a fat piece of shit moron!"

"Man, you suck more cock than Alex Jones!"

"Alex Jones has a tattoo of Hitler on his balls".

"Alex Jones has micropenis and likes to get tea bagged by tea bagging patriots dressed like a slave master from colonial times."
by GiantDong January 08, 2013
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Cult Public Access TV/Radio personality. Who is super aggressive and attacks people in a mad and paranoid manner. Refers to one prone to the "conspiracy theory" ruse. What’s dangerous is the truth is mixed with lies to confuse and diminish the significance of whets being covered up disinformation
When you come up to somone and start talking a crazy paranoid stuff like.

"the black helicopters from Home Land Security are following me again"

"They got mercury in the vaccines. The boarders are wide open. Bush trained Osama, he was working for the CIA. The new world order killed Kenedy and al CIA is responsible for 911. see Infowars
also see KOOK
by Gabo, de la Guerra October 09, 2004
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Alex Jones, also known as the fatter David Icke, and the antimatter to Rush Limbaugh, is a "paleoconservative" (read: paranoid conspiracy theorist) and libertarian intellectual from Texas (well that explains it) who believes that the United States is being run by the Worldwide Masonic Conspiracy. He can prove all his theories are true; he merely chooses not to.
Alex Jones: "If you disagree with me, it is merely because you have consumed fluoride. Everybody that disagrees with me is a brainwashed sheeple."

Person: "Why so batshit?"
by mustardtiger001 January 26, 2012
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A slang word for Mutt, also known as dog. Used as an offensive word as it is a low form of social status.
"He licked some chicks shoulder, what an alex jones!"
by jacetheace3 September 15, 2009
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Alex Jones is welsh slang for an angry person who breaks objects belonging to others. Others describe this being as having an unusual or 'funny' looking face. The description is mainly used by welsh people but has also been adapted by a few english communities. It may also describe someone who is a combination of a lot of negative things such as being angry, funny looking and unhumourous.
Guy1: Wow that guy is horrible, plus he has a funny face
Guy2: haaa yeah typical example of an Alex Jones
by solongbabycakes June 01, 2010
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