Gawkers is the act of getting fellatio, head, blowjob whatever you call it, they all refer to the same thing, getting your dick sucked.

The "gawk" part of the word refers to you staring at the person who is sucking your cock.
Dude out of all the girls I have ever dated Tsion gave me the best gawkers of my life.
by TheRealMrWicked May 26, 2021
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sunglasses; when worn for the sole purpose of checking out chicks.
"aw man, here we are walking around in the hot sun, hotties everywhere, and I forgot my gawkers"
by gawk dude April 21, 2009
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a massive pill(h)ead (only Tesco value pain killers) and an alcoholic, constantly under the influence, one time tactically chunder outside the old mill, disgraceful (following 1.5 litres of Tesco value Mojito, consumed through a camal back )

also refers to a wing commander in the RAF during the second world war

although both definitions are undeniably linked.
man on the sesh: look at that guy, flipped on pain killers and pissed on cheap supermarket alcohol, what a Gawkers

Gawkers: fuck off im not drunk *eats 13 more paracetamol*

RAF commander: Gawkers, drop the bombs over Dresden!

Gawkers: no sorry im drunk
by not gawkers September 26, 2017
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A shitty collection of websites.
Why do people send me links to Gizmodo articles? It's just another shit Gawker website.
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Having your company or organization get hammered into oblivion by a lawsuit, especially one motivated by spite or hatred.
"Yeah, the website that Rachel wrote for totally had everything on that bank CEO - the coke dealers, the hookers, the tax-free foreign accounts - but they all got Gawkered back into living in their mom's basements."
by King of Ghosts May 16, 2017
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A person who stalks celebrities eg/ a gawkerstalker.
Gawkerstalkers are all over the city, waiting to catch a glimpse of a celeb!
by joanna moran April 6, 2006
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