When someone asks an unnecessary question that could easily be solved on their own
‘Hey this dude just asked me how to Google something...’
This dude really be Gaving out here
by The wordler October 12, 2019
To perv on someone, usualy multipal people at the same time. Secretly or formaly there are may types of gaving

1. Sly gaving
2. Blatant gaving
3. Internet gaving
4. Dream gaving
1. I'm going down the club to do a spot of gaving tonight.

2. John was totally gaving on the group of girls at the restraunt

3. e.g. i "Send me some pics and maybe a meet up is on the cards"
ii Caroline was gaving on Rob's webpage all day

4. I had a dream last night that Mike was gaving on me!
by (GM) January 15, 2009
The area of skin just under the eye, but above the cheekbone. Extremely sensitive to abrasive surfaces, such as a mans stubble or sand paper.
"Hey Brad! could you just get that for me with your top lip?? yeah... just there... on my gave... ahhh cheers mate"
by Handawg August 14, 2012
can happen to any part of the body, but ususally has a sexual connotation when used. It is usually followed by a moan or sexual noise.
i just gave everywhere!!
wow i really need to clean that up, do you have some moist towelettes?

I just gave so hard it freaking hit the ceiling!
by g to the heezy April 1, 2007
1) Past tense of give

2) Past tense of committing a violent act on a person of weaker stature, or on a nation with a much weaker military, see also conservative

3) Past tense of releasing oneself from virginity, through the act of coitus, when followed with the words "it up"
1) "I gave that guy a crisp new twenty, and all I got were these lousy cheetos!"

2) "Man, I really gave it to that blind crippled kid, Gimme Five!"
"Man, we really gave it to those damned A-Rabs in Iraqirabia! Yeehaw, George Dubya for another fifty years!"

3) "That ditsy-ass cheerleader Susie gave it up to the whole football team, then the lacrosse team, then had her stomach pumped, then I gave it to her good!"
by Keith February 10, 2004
A Rave where small harry men with small hands and big heads visit to roll on extacy and drop acid. Large groups of these men often have larger than normal butt sex orgies which may also include beastiality.
Steve attends Gave's every weekend to get free time away from his girlfriend who has absolutely no ass. Her ass contains only a crack in her back!
by Steve's Whorish Mom July 20, 2010
It never gave” is used to describe something that was never an option or a given, just a bad look!!! Opposite of “that’s a given”
terrible ideanot validateda bad look
It never gave black air forces tbh.
You saw the nigga Cardi B was with? Yes girl it never gaveee👎🏽👎🏽.
Girl ya pussy stink... it never gave love.
by Badbitchvibes December 4, 2019