individual with teased long hair, partially tied reebok high top sneakers, acid washed jeans, frequently listened to metal vbands such as Megadeath circa 1988. Popular in Orchard Park, New York as a derrogatory descriptive term in the late 1980's.
The gaunches have overrun the food court at the mall.
by m. chiantella May 26, 2007
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Vagina. Especially hairy, post-cunninglingualy-moist vagina.
"I ate her gaunch untill she begged for me to ram it in her!"
by PharmaPharmer December 30, 2005
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If Sheila doesn't have a man she usually has to paw the gaunch before she can fall asleep. She also likes to punch the pie in the shower.
by Charlie Golf May 18, 2004
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When somebody looks at you in a weird, threatening, or mean way with the use of one eye fully open and the other eye squinted.
My daddy came up with this word, and I stole it. Now he's giving me the gaunch eye!
by Lindsey Jo April 19, 2014
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