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Amature porn shot in the parking lot or infront of a Wal*Mart. I've seen many examples on the internet.

Any CD or DVD that Wal*Mart won't cary due to sexual content or ofensive language.
"I downloaded a bunch of video files and it all turned out to be Wall*Porn.
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005
Derogatory term for Butte College in Chico/Oroville California. Jr. college Near Chico State and attended by a huge number os Chico State students that constantly bad mouth Butte.
"Dude she's a Butt Tech grad, hire her quick before a fortune 500 snaps her up!"
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005
Good or drunk or fucked up. The west side of Chico california is dominated by low cost student housing. Many parties happen on the west side of town and most of the hot young women that attend California State University Chico live on the west side as well. West side has come to mean many things from exceptional to to terrible.
It would be halla west side if you fronted me a sack.

That chick is hella west side.

Damn that's a hella west side smell
by PharmaPharmer February 26, 2005
High potency marijuana extract produced by various means.

See also: BHO
"I was looking for hash but I scored some Honey Oil."
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005
A gay tweeker couple who exhibit none of the positive homosexual stereotypes and all of the negative tweeker stereotypes. Usually one has tourettes' syndrome or some other bizzare mental disorder that is exacerbated by month long IV, snorted and/or smoked Crystal Methamphetamine and oral Xannex/Klonopin binges.
"Dude my new roomates are tweeker twins and they stay up for weeks at a time listening to Barbra Striesand at all hours!"
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005
Very potent marijuana. To the extent that one may not be able to walk. Usually of the variety C. Indica.
"That was some hella wheelchair bud. I can't move.
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005
Short for Altoids the originaly celebrated curiously strong mint.
"Babe, your breath is rank, pop a toid!
by PharmaPharmer December 29, 2005