When one is overwhelmed or cannot hold your excitement any longer. You are gassed. If you believe you are the dogs bollocks, you are gassed.
I'm gassed I just got paid £4000 for a weeks work fam!
by gassed January 15, 2015
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To be very excited or happy
Mate I got tickets for the Split The Dealer gig tonight! I’m so #GASSED!!!
by ClassicalGasMan August 5, 2019
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To get excited or get hopes up.
Steven got gassed when I told him he was cute.
by Cindey March 24, 2004
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The state of being excessively under the influence of marijuana. Alluding to the state of matter in which marijuana goes from solid (bud/leaves) to a gas (smoke).
Dude1: "Yo, want another hit, bro?"

Dude2: "Nah, dude, I am so gassed right now."
by alskjdf August 13, 2011
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Completely and utterly intoxicated to the point where most of the night's events will not be remembered the following day.
I got so gassed up last night, I jumped out of a moving taxi and puked all over the side of the road.
by Bfauth October 31, 2006
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Full of one's self, especially when they think that someone is hitting on them.
The young man said the young girl's hostile reply made her seem gassed after he asked her her age.
by B.Samurette March 1, 2008
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