Gasolina- Spanish word for gasoline. Gasolina is a ready made cocktail from Puerto Rico. It's made with rum, tequila, and fruit juice. 11% alcohol 200ml and comes in a pouch that looks like a Capri Sun (straw and all). In the states you can drink it in front of the POPO.
When I drink and drive. I drink GASOLINA.
by XxtemuJINxX January 18, 2010
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Literally translated, it means gasoline. In the song (and I got this straight from my Puerto Rican friends, it means "adrenaline."
The Daddy Yankee song, "Gasolina."
by dMillhouse80 September 23, 2007
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other than meaning skeet.. gasolina is also a term for "the street(s)" meaning that you like to go out.. Defined by Daddy Yankee himself in an interview for Premio Lo Nuestro...
"A Ella Le Gusta La Gasolina.." Girls That Like To Go Out..
by -the one March 27, 2005
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Gasolina means fuel(for vehicles etc.) in spanish.
"¡Mi coche se ha quedado sin gasolina!"
"My car ran out of fuel!"
by Levelpart September 1, 2008
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The puertorican slang as used in the song by Daddy Yankee has always meant that you like to "cruise" or go out on the streets in a car, or other motorized vehicle.

In my experience, it was never used to represent semen/sperm/ejaculation.
Slang example - "A ella le gusta la gasolina"
Direct translation - "She likes fuel"
Actual interpretation - "She likes to roll/cruise" or "hit the streets"
by tiburon October 4, 2006
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gasolina is a about a girl who likes the street. Not a a skeet or sperm. Daddy yankee says it during a permio lo nuestro special.
that girl is always in the streets she loves gasolina
by amy April 2, 2005
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Actually, it means fuel on spanish, the word got popular because of that song, sadly
a ella le gusta la gasolina... whatever >_>
by Heber October 28, 2005
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