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A South African word for a joint filter.

A thin strip of paper, usually cut from a magazine cover, that is tightly rolled up and used in a joint as a filter.
Where's my magazine? I need to make a garrick.
by jimboparks August 30, 2012
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the coolest guy ever can get through 6 girls at once and has got the biggest dick is super kind and the loving best guy you will ever meet he is super cool and will beat up any shit that challenges him he is not a spastic and will fucking survive anything he is dope dank super and of course he dabs
"I wish I was like Garrick I am such a fucktard compared to him"
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Garrick is an Old English name that means "one who governs with a spear" or "spear king". It is common as a masculine given name and as a surname.
by HermitsUnited December 05, 2008
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An extremely sweet and understanding guy that will never let you down. He loves to cuddle, very romantic and spontaneous, and loyal. Soft on the eyes and a nice, sexy body. The whole package. He puts up a façade of being a tough guy, but on the inside, he's a real softie.
Girl 1: "Hey, did you see the new guy? He looks like a total bad ass."
Girl 2: "Yeah, he's a Garrick."
Girl 1: "I bet he's a softie on the inside!"
by attitude adjustment May 29, 2011
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