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A really sweet boy typically with brown hair and eyes. They have a strong, built body with an above average dick. He is super smart and passionate in anything he pursues. This type of guy usually is the one to stand up for his best girl friends at any time they need. He tends to crush hard on the girl of his dreams.
She is so lucky to have a Garred.

I know! I need my own friend to stand up like he does for her.
by foxxytrot229 December 20, 2016
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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To take a simple task or act and fuck it up. Also to say something so stupid that it does not make any sense to anyone.
Dan: Hey Bill I just saved 1,500 photos of the same guy walking around.

Bill: Man you really Garred that.
by The Other Dann December 26, 2011
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