One heck of a girl! She is beautiful and so pretty. She is so nice and caring. She cares for everyone and always puts others first. Anureet is also very popular and everyone knows her. Also all the guys are after her. She is smart and honestly the girl of your dreams.
Yo you heard of Anureet she cute huh
by Jsjsjsjdjsnnsjelskakdbdi March 11, 2019
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defines a sexy , pretty , cool , girly , athletic, funny , short , hot , cute, smart girl . Also means is perfect girl for you .
That's anureet .
by master definer February 23, 2013
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gay ugly smells bad looks like a donkey, broken ass teeth, dipper, whore
damnn that donkey looks like a anureet
by jgvhgvgfv September 28, 2023
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