The overlord ultimate religion and word in all of history. It is used to express the ultimate strength of feeling in any form of emotion. It is also used as praise, an insult, or even a random word to slide into sentences whilst trying to have a serious yet informal tone.

Its origins stem from combining stereotypical Korean and/or Chinese & Japanese accents in English and the word 'golf'. The accent replaces the 'l' sound with an 'r' sound, perfectly exemplified in the movie Team America: World Police in the song "I'm So Ronery", performed by Kim-Jong Il. This word, combined with full sentences spoken in an exaggerated version of these accents forms the basic grammar of the "Garf" language.
Werr, I trieder to pray with my mommer garf, but she didn't wanter to cause I'm autisticer garf!!!!
by Joel Garcia (Not my name) July 13, 2020
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A term made up by RanbooLive when he pretended to be a random user named GarfieldFan2487 for an April fools day MCC. He used the term as a general replacement for any verb or adjective, and also called subs and follows Garfs. It doesn’t really mean anything, just a random word to replace anything with to make it more Garfield related.
Boober: Ran you don’t even like lasagne.
GarfieldFan2487: Well you’re banned. Also I’m not Ranboo I’m GarfieldFan2487. Anyway thank you all for the Garfs today. #KeepGarfing Everybody.
by -Aro- April 1, 2023
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"hey, did you see the Garf Comic in today's newspapaer? i thought it was pretty funny."
"what the fuck is a Garf, Bob. please tell me what a Garf is."
by TermedSaturn942 October 2, 2018
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A subscriber of GarfieldFan2487

Similar to a feeling of excitement, craziness, or death

Is similar to "gooping around"
"We're just garfing around" - GarfieldFan2487 (Ranboo), MCC Scuffed 2023
"Garf up, stay lazy" - GarfieldFan2487
by April 1, 2023
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another way to say the word "goof", the word originated as a common mispronunciation of "goof" in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Garfs are usually goofier than goofs.
That guy's such a garf, he's like the mayor of Garfsville.
by PgrAm April 19, 2011
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When a bowl is packed with so much marijuana that the weed forms a mound like shape outside the depth of the bowl itself. This mound looks like the afro that was worn by Art Garfunkel.
"Dude, that bowl is fucking garfed. The amount of weed in the bowl is so great that it forms a mound out of the bowl, reminiscent of the afro sported by Art Garfunkel!"
by thespike323 March 22, 2010
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