When you masturbate using your physic powers
I was gardevoiring when my mother came in and joined in
by MeIia August 22, 2015
gardevoir is go!!
gardevoir fart
by gardevoirguy December 2, 2020
A women that is too fucking horny to know anything than how to have sex
Don't be such a gardevoir!
by lollololololol September 24, 2006
Gardevoir 2 is the new tetris game that you bought a day ago. It is also a pokemon that will punch Gallade in the @$$. It is Dr.Eggman's favourite pokemon and tetris game. You better search it in google.
Eggman: Gardevoir , hi!

Gardevoichamacallit: Soon, I will drill a hole through the earth.

Gardevoir 2: OK! XOXO
by Skip to the Loo November 26, 2020
The gardevoir effect is an effect that makes you guard someone with your life like the pokemon gardevoir does.
gardevoir effect!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are you drawing that!?
by Skip to the Loo December 9, 2020